Bats in the Attic Tessellation

 Here's another interesting linear style tessellation created from rhombus twists.

It consists of rhombuses twisted in horizontal rows. It's repeated vertically by tucking the resulting intersections backward. 

I forgot to take a photo of the crease pattern and I don't have the paper on which I drew it anymore. Duh on me. 

But I will try to remember to draw a new one and upload it here sometime soon. It's a pretty simple design though. Not too tricky to figure out how it works. 

I used a hexagon to fold it, but upon looking at it more carefully, I imagine a regular rectangle would've suited this particular configuration a little bit better. 

The pattern on the back side is pretty cool as well. Nothing terribly intricate, but I like it. 

It's always nice when everything tucks and nestles together so neatly. 

Update: made a crease pattern. Added it below. 


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