Radiant Heat Pseudo Tessellation


This is technically not a tessellation. The pattern doesn't repeat. I fiddled around a little bit with the possibility of it repeating on a larger grid, but didn't find a suitable solution. 

That's not to definitively say that it can't be repeated. Perhaps it can. I just didn't find a way. Maybe if you change out the first outer rhombus where the central rhombuses meet and work with a shape that is more natural to the corner that is formed. Or maybe a third rhombus on the outer edge. 

I didn't really try that hard, since if possible, it would require a very large grid. 

It is, however, a pretty cool pattern that can be folded from a 32 pleat triangle grid. 

During the conception process, I just came up with the central pattern and from there free formed the remaining edges. 

It's a neat little dense fold that isn't too hard to execute. 

A crease pattern is included at the end of this post. 


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