Solving B Traffic by Arseniy K

 This tessellation is by Arseniy K. It's one of his more straightforward designs.  It's pretty cool still the same. 

Not a whole heck of a lot of solving on my part.

It's a series of repeating small rectangles around triangle twists. 

It is difficult to fold, even though it's not that complicated. Everything is quite tight. 

I kept staring at it after I'd already completed it and wondering if there was something that I had missed. 

Try as I might, even with fancy paper, I could not get my folds as neat as his. 

If there is some subtle difference in how to execute, I'm unable to see it. 

He only posted a photo of the front side. So I can't compare my reverse side to his. As far as I can tell the fronts look the same. 

The one drawback to really fancy, thick origami paper is that it doesn't generally back light well. 

In this case, the front didn't back light nicely at all, but for some reason the back view actually came out pretty cool (as seen in the first photo). 

Second pic is the front unlit. 

Third photo is the back unlit. 

I will add my crease pattern at a later date. I left it at work. 

However, I think most avid folders won't require one. 

Update: Crease pattern added at the bottom.


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