Solving Chevrons by GatheringFolds


Flagstone tessellations are one of my favorite variations on geometric origami designs. They are easy to solve, but difficult to fold. 

This particular design was conceived of by Madonna Yoder (aka gatheringfolds). Essentially, it's just alternating rhombuses. 

As with most flagstone tessellations, the reverse side is a fairly dense field of triangle twists. 

I created a similar flagstone some time ago that was also all rhombuses. Mine all went in the same direction, while hers are more of a back and forth pattern. 

Her design creates a really cool wave pattern. It's a brilliant find. 

To fold it you'll need a lot of patience. Flagstones are fussy to execute. 

You can see the triangle pattern that's created on the back in the second photo. The back side is almost more impressive than the front. 

Crease pattern is pretty straightforward. See the image below. 


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