Civil Wars Origami Tessellation Design

 Here's an interesting tessellation pattern that I recently found. It looks like there are small triangle twists, but it's actually rhombuses that are partially folded over. 

When I drew it out on the grid paper, it looked pretty simple. When I went to fold it, it was kind of tricky. 

I used standard printer paper, so a more substantial paper might facilitate the execution better. But I was more interested in a getting a nice back light. 

The main circles of rhombuses twist around a large hexagon. However, the way that they twist and overlap kind of hides that fact. At the center you wiid up with just a small negative space hexagon. 

On their outer edges the rhombuses are connected by small hexagonal twists. 

When the pattern is repeated open back triangle twists take up the spaces between the small hexes, aligning with their axes so they can twist synchronously. 

All of this is made much more obvious in the crease pattern that's included below. 

The back side has an interesting layered effect. 

The possibilities in the paper are an endless inspiration. 


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