Corsets Origami Flagstone Tessellation

 Here's an interesting, almost linear flagstone tessellation that I created. It's almost both circular and linear at the same time.

The shapes do rotate around hexes, but they also repeat in a kind of linear fashion. 

It consists of trapezoids and triangles. Four trapezoids and two triangles per hexagonal twist. The repeats are petty standard. One iteration leads seamlessly into the next. 

It features an interesting pattern on the reverse side. Mostly triangles, but also some linear connections between the trapezoids. 

It's a little unusual compared to any of the flagstone tessellations I've done before. Similar, but different enough to make me think. 

The back side of flagstones always look more interesting than the fronts to me. 

Your mileage may differ. 

It was a little difficult to fold, but nothing crazy. 

For more insight see my crease pattern below. 


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