Fatal Layers

 This is an interesting little tessellation that I found. Essentially, it's a hex twist and then there are some more overlapping hexes around it. It's at that point that you can create the triangle twists that overlay the initial folds. 

It has a similar look to triangle twists around a hex, but it has some more layers. 

I drew the crease pattern to express the finished fold in two different ways because I wasn't sure just one way would get the point across. 

You can fold this in stages. 

First the central hex. then the outer hexes. Which aren't actually hexes. They're double wide. But when you overlay them you wind up with what resembles hex twists. 

From there you can do the triangle twists. They're not easy to do in such close quarters, but I managed okay with pretty cheap paper. 

See below for the diagrams. 


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