Galaxies Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation is curious in that I conceived of what most folders would consider the backside when creating it. It wasn't until after I'd finished folding it that I noticed the other side had more of a 'front look'. 

What is the front and what is the back? Maybe both sides are fronts. Can such a thing be?

My initial idea was simply triangle twists around open back hexagons. Those then flow into a triad of triangle twists around collapsed triangle. 

What happens on the other side are rhombuses around the open back hex. The rhombuses also form triads around the collapsed triangles which on that side are up facing. This side has a similar look to a flagstone tessellation, but the gaps are a little wider because of how the central triangles collapse rather than twist. 

It's an interesting variation on familiar techniques. It also boasts a lot of repetitions for a relatively small 32 pleat triangle grid. 

It's a lot of shapes, but it isn't too difficult to fold. I managed just fine with cheap paper, even though it's been pretty damp in my locale. 

Crease pattern is included below. 


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