Rosebuds Tessellation by GatheringFolds

 This tessellation by gatheringfolds had me stumped. She alluded to a fold she referred to as a closed hexagon twist. This was not something with which I was familiar. This was not something I'd ever discovered or encountered. It was totally new to me. 

I've been doing origami tessellations for the better part of 5 years and I thought that I knew all the folds and all the tricks. I did not. 

Watching the beginning of her video tutorial showed me the unusual fold which she had used in this particular tessellation. If I had not watched it, I'm not sure whether or not I would've ever figured out the concept. 

So, my take away is that there's always more to learn. 

Once I understood this new shape/fold, I was all good to finish the process of replicating the design. 

It also occurred to me that it works in a similar fashion to what I call offset hex twists. Where in an alternating pattern, three of the shapes that emanate from it can exist on the front and the other three can be on the back. Some examples would be: Crowding Helicopters Tessellation, Minty Flowers Tess and Checkerboard Origami Tessellation. Knowing that's how it works is a big clue to solving it. 

I took a photo of the model in its 3D state where it features the rosebuds. That's the first image. 

I also took a photo of the same design completely flattened. It's not as impressive, but is technically the same. 

I do not have a crease pattern for this. I did not create one since technically I did not fully solve it. Once I saw how she folded the rosebuds, I just added the necessary triangles and repeated.

You can learn to fold it in her instagram tutorial if my clues are insufficient. 


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