Cantilever Origami Tessellation

 This is another rhombus twist based tessellation that I created. It's composed entirely of rhombuses and nothing else other than the corners required to connect and repeat them. 

It's an uncomplicated design that isn't at all difficult to fold. 

I named it after the way the negative spaces create a cantilever pattern. 

The back side is typical of this type of fold. It has a tightly constructed linear weave pattern. 

Personal preference which side you like most. They're both pretty neat!

Crease pattern is very straightforward and not at all hard to follow. There are no tricky twists or any near impossible to execute connections.

I'm still waiting for when it won't be humid to tackle some trickier designs.

So, it's just a really simple structure that yields, what I think, is a wonderful finished model. 

I used a 32 pleat triangle grid and rectangular printer paper. 

My crease pattern is included at the end of this post. 


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