Falling in Love Origami Tessellation Design

Here's a crazy hard tessellation that I created. It really felt like I was flirting with the impossible to fold. 

When I drew it out on the paper, it looked so simple and innocent. It's anything but. 

It was only after I began my first attempt to fold it that I realized that it was much more difficult than I had anticipated. 

My first attempt was only 80% successful. It did however, inform me on how to fully realize the finished design on my subsequent attempt. 

My second attempt with tant paper was successful. Though at many points throughout the process, I was not sure it would be. 

It's a pretty obvious pattern. Or at least it was to me. Alternating rhombuses and triangles tucked into one another rotating around large hexagons. 

The real difficulty comes from the triad of triangles that are created by repeating the pattern. It's no small feat to get everything working together as it should. 

I wanted all the triangles to be fully forward. As I struggled with that, I briefly experimented with the possibly of some of them going backward, but ultimately decided to persevere with the original concept. 

If you wish to fold this, definitely use thick paper. And be prepared to spend a lot of time coaxing everything into its proper position. 

My crease pattern is included below.


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