Merging Lanes Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation is from a design by gatheringfolds. However, I only used the center portion of their design. I just really liked the center so much that I wanted to see how it would look in straight up repeats. It came out pretty cool. 

Interesting thing about this design is that the axes of the small hex twists flow into one another rather than all in the same direction. 

It was while solving her design that I came up with a different design using the same principle. It is featured in my "Idling Time Machines Tessellation". 

This tessellation is just me repeating the center point from her idea  

It's open back hexagons with small hex twists and blunt triangles in the spaces that facilitate the repetitions. 

But actually, I found it problematic trying to fold it from that perspective. 

Folding it mostly from the back side (second pic) made a lot more sense to me  Your results may vary. 

For further insight see my diagram below. 


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