The Years That Separate Origami Tessellation

 This is a nifty little tessellation that starts with open back hex twists. There are some large natural triangles twisting off from it. When I connected the spaces between the triangle points I was able to fit some blunt pyramids in next. At that point, I was able to repeat the pattern 

It's the other side though (first photo), that I feel produces some really interesting shapes and lines. 

A lot of creating origami tessellations is just about following the shapes. Once you have a starting point, it's all about reconciling how the next set of shapes will work together. 

Solving the tessellations of others is a little different. That's more about examining the structure and finding markers. Once you can identify a shape or two, you can gradually piece together the missing information

Solving other artists' tessellations is a great way to hone your skills as well as find inspiration for your own designs. 

While it would be difficult to solve this tessellation using the first photo, using the second photo would be much easier. 

That's the mystery and the fun. 

A diagram is included at the end. 


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