Origami Tessellation: Draw Bridges

 The idea for this tessellation was just about a few triangles. Just up, down, up down. You can see what I mean in the left most portion of the crease pattern included below.

However, for some reason, I decided at the time, that this pattern was too simple. So I added some rhombuses to the configuration. Which resulted in the finished model that you see here. 

Although, now that I think about it, I still like the original idea and will probably want to fold it in the near future. 

This tessellation is a symmetrical mirror pattern. Each side is a mirror image of the other. 

It's a pretty straight forward design. No tricks or sneaky folds. However, it is somewhat labor intensive. There are a lot of creases and a lot of shapes to collapse. 

I used thin paper for the sake of back lighting. 

I imagine that it would look nice with a denser paper as well. 

It's a 32 pleat grid. 

Diagram follows. 


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