Origami Tessellation: Full Circle

 This tessellation is made up entirely of trapezoids. It's similar to another one that I created called 'Deep Space Transmissions. You can see that tessellation here. That one tucked a double row of trapezoids into each other. This one is a little simpler version of that. 

What's interesting in this tess are the triple intersections where the three corners meet. It's not really hard to do, but they are a little reluctant to cooperate and there are a lot of them. 

This is also another example of a tessellation that is exclusively comprised of collapses and no twist folds. 

What's nice about this method of creating origami tessellations is that you can fit a lot of shapes into a grid that isn't very large. 

Another thing that's nice about this technique is that it's very transparent. The shapes you see are the only shapes that are used. Not much is hidden or obscured. 

Even so, you can make very intricate designs using this method. 

With all the various shapes and variations on how to arrange them, there are myriad  possibilities ranging from the most basic all the way to the extremely complex. 

Just enjoy it and let the paper take you where it will. 


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