Origami Tessellation: Internal Orbits


Here's a neat little tessellation that I was sure I'd done before, but I could find no evidence of that belief.

I guess it just reminded me of some others from the past. 

It's a pretty simple one. Relatively speaking. The main component is simple at least. Repeating it is a little tricky to execute as I wanted to keep things as close as possible. 

This design is all about the back light. How the folds show through to create the pattern. 

The shapes themselves are pretty basic. The arrangement just as much so. 

It's a lesson in how a simple structure can still translate to an intricate result. 

I don't have a diagram for this one. However, if I think of it, I will draw one and add it later. 

The gist of it is small hex twists on the back and double length hex wings on the front. When you fold the wings some triangles form in the spaces between them. 


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