Origami Tessellation: Parallel Universes

 This is a variation on some other tucked rhombus tessellations created by myself and others.

It starts with a circular array of rhombuses tucked into each other around an open back hex twist on the other side. 

In this case, I connected those rhombuses to the next set using a flagstone collapse fold. From there, the circular pattern is repeated. 

A triad of triangles are used to fill in the gaps. 

This design features a lot of closely nestled intersections where the points of the rhombuses and the triangles have to coalesce simultaneously. It's tricky, but not too terribly hard. 

With designs such as this, working both sides of the paper helps everything come together more readily. 

It's a lot of triangles on the back side. They need just as much attention as the front side does. 

I used tant paper folded into a 32 pleat triangle grid. 

A crease pattern is included below. 


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