Solving Flying Fish Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation is one by gatheringfolds. It consists of rhombus twists and open back triangle twists. As is the case with a lot of her designs, this is a mirror symmetry fold. The front and the back are mirror images of each other.

She's very good at creating these types of folds. 

I enjoy solving them because they aren't difficult, but they are always interesting and pleasing to execute. 

They also get my mental juices flowing with either ideas of my own or variations on the original. 

I folded this using ordinary 20 lb printer paper that just so happened to be blue. Other than the color, there is nothing special about the paper. It's a 32 pleat grid. I rarely use any other kind. 

You can see pretty well from the unlit photo exactly what shapes are needed and how they must interconnect.  

However, I did sketch out a crease pattern diagram, but haven't yet taken a picture of it. Will update and add that soon.  Update: added crease pattern. 


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