What If Caviar Could Talk Variant

 This origami tessellation is a variant of one by Arseniy K. He named his 'What If Caviar Could Talk'.

After I had solved his design, I decided that I wasn't up to  reproducing it exactly as he had folded his. Perhaps another time, in the future.

So I changed things up a little to make it slightly less difficult. 

Both designs have a foundation of open back hex twists with triangle twists around them,

He used micro rhombuses between the repeats. 

In my case, I used larger natural rhombuses instead. 

Still a difficult fold to execute, but much less so. 

It still required thick paper. I used tant folded into a 32 pleat triangle grid. 

You can see from the photo of the reverse side how densely packed everything is. 

It's a few layers deep. So be prepared to wrestle with that. 

My crease pattern for this iteration is included at the end. 

To fold his, sub out small natural rhombuses in place of my larger ones. 


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