Hungry Rhombuses 3.0

 When I was folding this tessellation it did feel familiar, but I couldn't really remember why. So I pressed onward thinking it just reminded me of others, but was different. 

Turns out, I've done this one not once, but twice before. 

Each time, I created it from scratch in my head not remembering that I had  already done it.

I guess that just means that my brain really likes this pattern a lot. 

First time was in 2020 and I called it Hungry Rhombuses. I couldn't really get nice photos of it with the phone I had back then. 

Second time was in 2021 and I called it Cannibal Rhombuses. I used kraft paper that time and it does not back light well at all. 

This time around it came out pretty close to perfect. The pics are very nice. The execution is pretty spot on. 

To fold it yourself just do rhombuses around an open back hexagon and repeat. 

Be forewarned. Those triple intersections where three rhombus points converge are a tricky fold and there are a lot of them. 


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