Origami Tessellation: Acrobats on the Trapeze

 This tessellation pattern is similar, yet also different to some others I've done. The central module repeats in six directions from the original starting point. A variant of that same pattern fills in the spaces that exist between them. 

It's a lot of shapes, but one of your less intense tessellations to actually fold. Everything just tucks into each other. 

The main pattern, which inspired the idea, is alternating rhombuses and trapezoids nestled into each other. 

The tertiary arrangement is also trapezoids and rhombuses, they just land in a more twisting circular pattern. 

The reverse side is all open back hexagons. 

It's helpful to work the back side almost as much as you work the front during the folding process. Although, that's probably true for most origami tessellations. 

A crease pattern diagram is included at the end for those that want it. 


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