Solved Tessellation: Apline by GatheringFolds

Folded this one just cause I liked it. I am always impressed with the great patterns that she conceives. They're mostly not overly complicated, yet they are always innovative and inspired. 

There wasn't a whole lot of solving going on on my end. The shapes are clearly defined. It was just a matter of ensuring everything landed in the right places. 

Repeating rhombus twists combined with trapezoid twists. 

A great idea. I don't know if I ever would've thought to combine those two twists if I hadn't seen her do it. 

She's the twist expert. I'm more of a collapser when it comes to creating. 

Anyway, a fun fold for anyone interested. 

Fits nicely on a 32 pleat grid. Works with ordinary paper. 

My sketch is at the end. 


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