Origami Tessellation: Ninja Blades

 Here's a tessellation that I've not seen done. The idea came from trying to find a new way to repeat right triangles around an open back hexagon. I used some rhombuses and it worked out to be a pretty cool pattern, if I do say so myself. 

There are a bunch of triangle twists on the other side that are pretty fussy to fold. 

In order to correctly twist the triangles you need to fold a little bit of the paper over on top of the edges of the open back hexes. It's difficult. Use strong paper and do it on a dry day. 

There are also small hexagon twists on the back as well. 

You could also say that the pattern is alternating right triangles and rhombuses around small hex twists with open back hexes in the gaps. 

It's just a matter of perspective. 

I do have my crease pattern, but need to take a photo of it. Will add it soon. 

Updated to add diagram.


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