Original Origami Tessellation: Dante's Inferno

 This is a really interesting tessellation that I found. It has a lot of overlapping layers, which is always cool to find and fold. 

I actually came up with the pattern for the back side and later decided I liked the other side better for the front view. 

It uses open back hex twists as the beginning point. Some small natural trapezoids emanate from them. Then there are triangles twisted off of the trapezoids. 

Everything is rather close together and tightly twisted. 

A single module is pretty easy, but tessellating it is exponentially more difficult. 

My first attempt with ordinary paper was unsuccessful. I had originally thought to make the repetitions closer together and only realized they wouldn't fit in the midst of that try. 

I moved the repeats a pleat further out and was successful using tant paper. 

The third photo shows pretty clearly how the trapezoids and triangles twist out from the central hexagons. 

It also shows how you need to bisect the folds connected to the triangles to make it flatten. This is a crucial step. 

A crease pattern diagram is included below. 


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