Solving Epicycles Origami Tessellation

This is a tessellation by gatheringfolds that she called 'Epicycles'. 

Every so often, I like to solve someone else's tessellation to give my mind a different perspective on things. 

It really does help reset my creative process so that I can come up with new ideas of my own. 

It also keeps me sharp in recognizing how to extrapolate the structure of other people's finished designs. 

And it's a nice respite from the sometimes arduous process of thinking up and sorting out a completely unknown tessellation from start to finish. 

It's an elegant design of open back hexagons and rhombuses. 

There are a lot of designs that utilize these two shapes in conjunction with one another.

This one is particularly interesting in how the rhombuses twist in a way that almost makes them look as if they're dancing. 

The reverse side is exclusively open back triangle twists. 

My diagram follows. 


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