Traffic Jams Origami Tessellation Design

This tessellation began with the idea of three rhombus twists around a triangle on the other side. 

I wanted to find a way to repeat that pattern. 

I used open back hexagons to further that goal. From there I was left with large gaps that needed reconciling. 

It turned out that a series of seven triangles worked to resolve the void. 

Oh, this was an incredibly tedious tessellation to fold. The creases felt never-ending. 

Getting all six triangles to work in all the gaps was an arduous task. 

At times, I thought to myself, I'll never finish this. 

Strong paper and an obsessive personality eventually resulted in the completed tessellation. 

You can see from the first photo that I oriented four of the triangles upward. 

The second photo shows the other three in the series on the back side. 

This type of design has a lot of flexibility. 

The shapes can be arranged in different variations of up and down. 

Crease pattern diagram included at the end. 


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