Illuminati Origami Tessellation

 The inspiration for this particular tessellation came from my idea of three trapezoids around a small triangle. The points of the triangle poke into the short tops of the trapezoids. 

As a way to further figure out how to repeat that pattern I added open back triangle twists to create another triad of trapezoids. 

At that point it all coalesced and the final shape appeared as I repeated the array. A blunt cornered triangle revealed itself to be the last piece of the puzzle. 

I actually liked how the back side photographed better than what I originally conceived of as the front. That's shown in the first pic. 

But the concept was born of the shapes shown in the second photo. Interesting how that works out sometimes. 

This particular orangey color of tant paper really gave me a hard time trying to get nice pictures of it. However, I managed to find a couple of good ones. Just barely. 

Yet another aspect to consider when you're creating your own masterpieces. 

Every detail matters.

Crease pattern follows. 


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