Origami Tessellations: Parallel Parking

This tessellation looks pretty complex, but it's not that hard to actually fold it. 

It features trapezoids rotating around  open back hexagons. Opposite facing trapezoids emerge from the edges of the first set. Those trapezoids then revolve around small offset hexagon twists. 

This is an unusual tessellation that has a lot of flexibility in the valley and mountain folds. The way the various shapes interact with each other is such that there are a lot of options regarding what goes up and what goes down. 

While this makes it somewhat easier to execute on the face of it, it can be frustrating to actually come up with a cohesive and consistent pattern. 

Give it a try and you'll see what I mean. 

I have a diagram somewhere. Will add it in the near future. 

Update: added diagram below. 


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