Origami Tessellations: Unexpected Detours

This is a layered tessellation that combines rhombuses and trapezoids. 

The rhombuses form a circular pattern around an open back hexagon. The next layer is the trapezoids nestled on top of the rhombuses. 

The trapezoids are repeated in a triad around an open triangle twist. That then creates the opportunity to repeat more sets of rhombuses around open back hex twists. 

It's a somewhat intricate pattern that's best viewed in closeup. 

However, it isn't very difficult to fold. 

I used tant paper in a pink hue folded to a 32 pleat triangle grid. 

For your denser tessellations like this one, it's best to use a sturdier paper. 

Interesting thing about tant paper. I actually spilled some coffee on it while in the middle on completing this tessellation. 

Figured it was trash, but I wiped it down and waited for it to dry and was able to move forward almost as if the spill had never happened. Pretty impressive that the paper could do that, especially being manipulated so heavily. 

Crease pattern is included at the bottom of this post. 


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