Solving Cubes Tessellation

 This is a variation on an old image I found on my hard drive. According to the tag in the corner of the original image, it's a Peter Keller design that is untitled. 

His design used larger cube modules. on a much larger grid. 

I decided to do small cubes so that they could repeat nicely on a smaller grid. Other than that, the concept is the same. 

His design used cubes made up of 12 rhombuses each. 

I simplified things with cubes made up of only 3 rhombuses each. 

The reverse side of the tessellation is comprised of small triangle twists, open back triangle twists and blunt corner triangles. 

What I particularly like about this design is how it utilizes space.

Leaving those bigger gaps between the groups of rhombuses creates a totally different pattern than what you would get if you kept the same distances between all of them. 

My diagram for this tessellation is included at the end. 


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