Origami Tessellation: The Solstice


If you're in the mood for a tessellation that looks complicated, but actually isn't, this one might interest you. 

The pattern begins as open back hexagons with rhombuses collapsed along their edges. 

From there, rather than a straight up repeat of the pattern, I added an additional rhombus before moving on to the next iteration. 

Open back triangle twists fill in the gaps where six rhombuses converge. . 

There are also small triangle twists on the back in the areas where two rhombuses connect along the edges of the hexagons. 

In the center module, I alternated the valley and mountain connections of the double rhombuses in order to create consistent patterns for the outer repetitions. 

The second photo shows all the triangles on the reverse side of the tessellation.

I've also included some closeups of each side with less back lighting. 

I have a diagram. Will add it soon.

Diagram added.




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