Origami Tessellations: Quilted Lattice


While perusing Instagram, I came across a new tessellation by Aresniy K called 'Wheel of Misfortune'. 

As I was working out its construction, it occurred to me that a really beautiful variant was possible. 

His is a circular style pattern of long parallelograms tucked into each other. 

In my case, I went with a linear weave pattern of the same shapes. 

While it's pretty basic from a conceptual standpoint, it yields, what I think, is an impressive finished product. 

On the front, it's all parallelograms. They need to be long enough to accommodate tucking the perpendiculars into each other. 

On the back side, micro rhombuses are the main component. 

I didn't create a a diagram for this one. It wasn't really necessary. It's just the one shape repeatedly tucked into itself at 45 degree angles. 

Once you begin folding the front, the small rhombuses on the other side are mostly forthcoming. 

I used a 32 pleat triangle grid and that had room for plenty of repetitions. 

Update: drew a quick diagram. Added it below. 


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