Shy Hexagons Origami Tessellation

 This is a pretty simple tessellation that has some interesting patterns. 

What I wanted to do was tuck some open back hexagons under some straight lines. This is where I arrived with that. 

I kinda mostly worked on the reverse side pattern more during the conception than I did the front. 

The front has forward facing open back hexagons connected to long parallelograms. 

In-between the parallelograms are more hexagons hiding shyly. Hence the name. 

On the reverse side are small triangle twists around the prominent hexagons. 

You can also see how the shy hexagons are formed. 

As I said, it's one of your less intense tessellations. I just used plain printer paper and had no issues. 

I believe that I have a crease pattern for this. Will upload it when I find it. 

Update: crease pattern added below. 


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