Solving Cogs Origami Tessellation

 This is a tessellation by gatheringfolds called 'cogs'. I didn't have any trouble solving the center, but my 16 pleat tester didn't fit the rest of the design. 

I decided to just go ahead with a full 32 pleat execution and figure the rest out as I went. 

Once I had enough space to work out the rest, it wasn't too difficult. Some plain printer paper stood up pretty well to my final adjustments. 

It's a rather large tessellation that doesn't really repeat on a 32 pleat grid. Still, I liked it enough to go ahead with it anyway. 

I gave a little thought to how it might repeat in a smaller space. But that's an idea for another day. 

The center is a small hex twist with trapezoids emanating from it. Open back triangle twists fill in the gaps of the central module. 

To repeat it there are large pyramidal shapes as well as long parallelograms.

Personally, I like the pattern on the back (second pic), a little better. 

I used ordinary printer paper. The various shapes are large enough that it worked out well. 

My crease pattern sketch is in pencil, so it's a little light. But I do believe it gets the point across even so. 


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