Controlled Chaos Tessellation

 This is a tough one. Right triangles around an offset hex twist. When you go to repeat the pattern these very tiny rectangles are in the spaces between the points of the triangles. It's doable, but you probably need really thick paper in order to end up with a neat reverse side. 

My tant paper worked for the front, but on the back I was only able to get some of the rectangles to land neatly. 

In the diagram below they show up as micro rhombuses, but when you twist them they form very small rectangles. 

Either kraft paper or elephant hide would be your best option for getting everything really neat on both sides of the paper. 

As I was working with this pattern, it began to feel familiar. As if I might've seen it somewhere else. Perhaps on Aresniy K's instagram feed. I'm not certain. But I wasn't actively solving anyone's else's design when I came up with it. 


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