Flowers in the Garden Tessellation

 Here's a fun little tessellation that utilizes just a few not too difficult techniques to create a moderately intricate pattern. 

Rhombuses twist off from offset hexagons on their reverse. 

Then on the outer edges of the rhombuses we add some open back hexagons. 

At that point, the pattern can be easily repeated. 

It's relatively simple compared to a lot of the tessellations that I've done in recent years. 

It's a great exercise in some basic ideas that can lead to many other interesting configurations. 

It also concisely demonstrates the close relationship between rhombuses and hexagons in geometric origami tessellations. 

It would probably back light beautifully using thinner paper for those interested in folding it. 

I used tant paper. The more pastel colors light up well, but the darker ones, unfortunately, do not. 

Just another thing to keep in mind when crafting your tessellations. 

Diagram below. 


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