Origami Tessellations: Spare Tires

 Here's an unusual tessellation that uses a few different techniques. 

It begins with a small hexagonal twist. Pretty typical. 

Next, we have trapezoids spinning off from it. They are situated to twist the hex on bisected axes rather than the natural ones. 

I call this an offset hex twist. Instead of using the grid lines to twist the hexagon, you create folds that bisect them and twist the hexagon that way. 

The trapezoids have open back triangles in the spaces between them. 

These open back triangle twists are not symmetrical three ways. They connect slightly differently to the next set. 

There are also small triangle collapses tucked into the ends of the trapezoids. that connect to the next repetition. 

All this is made more clear in the crease pattern provided at the end of this post. 

Instead of having different shapes on the reverse side, this tessellation is a mirror image of itself on the back. 


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