Partners in Crime Tessellation

 This one has a bunch of shapes in it, all working together to form the whole. 

When creating a tessellation, I usually just start with one shape that interests me at the moment. 

From there, I choose whether it'll be a six axis or a three axis rotational repeat. In other words, will I try to repeat it around some form of triangle or some form of hexagon. 

Once I have a starting point, I mess around with additional shapes which may help me to further create repetitions. 

The last step is just to figure how to fill in any gaps that are created. 

In the case of this tessellation, I started with natural triangle twists off of the six edged pyramids shown in the first photo. 

At the point, I added an open back triangle twist to repeat the natural triangles. Rhombuses were the final puzzle piece needed. 

On the reverse side I wound up with some rhombus based cubes and two different sizes of negative space triangles. 

This tessellation is not difficult. I was able to execute it using ordinary 28 lb printer paper. It uses a 32 crease triangle grid. 

Crease pattern follows. 


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