Torn Maps Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation is interesting because I actually messed up the pattern that I had created. It still looks really cool, but it is asymmetrical. 

My original diagram called for all the repetitions to match each other. 

This is also another difficult to execute to design. Regardless of whether you follow the pattern precisely or you accidentally deviate from it as I did, it's a pretty intense to fold. 

My tant paper actually tore a little bit in one spot from all the stress. 

The center is easy enough to get situated, but after that all bets are off. 

It starts with an open back hexagon around which are situated interconnected rhombuses. 

From there I just add a whole lot of triangles and more rhombuses. The pattern is meant to be three triangles and two rhombuses and then repeat the center. 

I have included my crease pattern diagram at the end of this post. 


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