Caged Stars Tess

 This tessellation combines offset rhombus star twists with collapsing trapezoids to create a unique pattern. 

The other main aspect of the tessellation is a series of six trapezoids rotating around a small hex twist on the other side. 

Initially, the trapezoids emerge from the central star by tucking over the edges of the rhombuses. 

It's from there that they twist around the small hexes and collapse upon one another. 

This a hybrid fold utilizing flagstone, collapse and twist techniques. 

It's a medium difficultly tessellation. 

The hardest aspect is the spaces where the trapezoids meet at their long edges. There are narrow rectangles that are a little tricky to fold. Everything else is pretty straightforward. 

The second photo, of the reverse side, shows the long rectangles between the trapezoids. 

For further details on how to execute this tessellation, consult the diagram included below. 


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