Cotton Candy Tessellation 2.0

This is a tessellation that I did not that long ago. I called it cotton candy because I had used pink paper and it made me think of that. 

I came up with the crease pattern again without realizing that I already had. And then proceeded to fold it again before finally noticing it was a previous design. 

The first time I folded it, it didn't turn out as nice as I would've liked. This time around though, it came out much neater and looking more like I expected it to when I conceived of it. 

It's an unusual design that puts together several different shapes in a way that isn't typically used. 

To access the diagram refer to my first fold/post of this tessellation called cotton candy.  There are also additional details in that post about the nuances of executing this particular design. 

If you happen to fold it yourself let me know in the comments.


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