Origami Tessellations: On the Dance Floor

 This is a triad based flagstone tessellation that I recently created. 

The starting point is an open back hexagon with alternating trapezoids and rhombuses  collapsed around it. 

From there that pattern can be repeated by adding an opposite facing trapezoid off of each central one. 

That, however, leaves a lot of empty space to reconcile. 

I did so using a series of additional rhombuses as well as a few triangle collapses. 

It's all just a matter of making the space work for you. 

The reverse side, as you would expect of a flagstone tessellation, is a vast array of triangles. 

It's somewhat different from any tessellations I've seen before. It's an interesting study in how far you can go in manipulating the paper if you're able to discern what combination of shapes will rectify the gaps in your ideas. 

A starting idea is a wonderful thing, but working out how to take it all the way to completion is where the real magic is done. 

This ability comes mostly from practice. But is also furthered by an innate geometric sensibility. 

And it's the more complex tessellations such as this one that really hone your skills and teach your brain how to find the patterns. 

My crease pattern diagram is included below for those that might want to fold it. 

Special paper is not required. I used 28 lb printer paper. 

If you fold this tessellation, leave a comment and let me know about it.

I'd love to be able to post here other people's renditions of my designs. 


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