Solving Emergent Triangles Tessellation

 It took me a little while to solve the 'emergent triangles' tessellation by gathering folds.

I was kind of stuck on the idea that it was a group of six triangles and then another group of six rhombuses.

When that kept leading me to dead ends, eventually, I tried a different approach. 

Instead, I solved for the set of three rhombuses around the large hexagons. It was from that starting point that I finally worked out that the triangles  and rhombuses had to alternate. 

It was definitely a eureka moment. 

It's a wonderful design. Another one of her trademark mirror image tessellations. Each side is a mirror of the other. 

I do have a diagram, but I haven't taken a pic of it yet. Hope to add it soon. 

Update: diagram added. 


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