Hexagonal Orbits Origami Tessellation

I posted a tessellation a little while back that I called Hexagon Kisses Tessellation. It was a variation on a design by Arseniy K.

This is a new variation on that idea. It compactifies the structure for a different finished product. 

I've always been partial to denser designs for some reason. So that inspired this modification. 

It's actually an idea I had a while back (before I'd encountered his) that for reasons I no longer recall, never came to fruition. 

This time around it worked out just fine. It came together rather quickly and without much fuss at all. 

The idea is simply hexagons with rectangles. To make the collapse work there are double width triangles. The corners of the hexagons fold over onto the points of the triangles. 

I used 28 lb. paper. 


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