Solving Origami Star Tess 2.0

 This is one of my own tessellations that I originally created back in August 2017. I called the original design Origami Star Tess when I posted it here. Way back then, I didn't keep crease pattern sketches or diagrams on how I had folded something.

So, I actually had to solve my own creation. Kind of adds a new level of pressure knowing it was my brain that came up with it in the first place. Felt like I had to be able to figure it out. 

I did remember that the points were made with rabbit ear sink folds. However, I couldn't remember how I made the central hex star. 

A little experimentation later, I realized it was a weird kind of collapsing hex twist that I haven't really used since then.

That starting point facilitates the cascade of points that flow out from it. Without the right central starting point, the side corners of the points won't align properly with each other. 

There are other center shapes that could be used, but this is the one that I chose. 

The center is a little tricky to get situated. You need to do the first set of rabbit ears and get the first six points in place. Then you can twist the small hexagon down and flatten it. 

From there you just have a lot of rabbit ears to fold. 

This time around I made sure to create a crease pattern. Enjoy!


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