Origami Tessellations: Whirling Dervishes

 This is a fun little tessellation that I came up with in an effort to be able to fold something new during high humidity. 

I talk about humidity a lot in regards to folding various tessellations. The paper absorbs the moisture in the air and becomes soft and difficult to fold. Particularly for your more intricate patterns.

Simpler designs, however, are still perfectly executable under most any weather conditions. 

This tessellation is a prime example. 

I used ordinary 20 lb copy paper on a drizzly day and it turned out very nicely. 

The premise is rhombuses twisted around a small central hexagon. From there some small triangles twist off of them. Then just repeat. 

This tessellation is actually a variant of another tess I did not too long ago called Flowers in the Garden Tessellation. Both begin the same, but diverge slightly in how they repeat. 

On the reverse side there is just an array of open back hex twists. 

So, not so simple as to be boring, but not so difficult as to be a problem regardless of the weather or your choice of paper. 

My crease pattern is included below for those that might want it. 


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